On August 4, a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, the capital city of Lebanon, killed at least 137 and wounded 5,000. These numbers might rise as hundreds of people have been reported missing. It is still uncertain to what has caused this explosion. The prime minister of Lebanon has said that it could have been caused by the 2,750 tons of ammonia located in the warehouse that the explosion took place in.

During this time, Lebanon is simultaneously experiencing social, political, economic, and health crises on top of the 300,000+ people that have been displaced from their homes. In addition, COVID-19 infections are set to increase in Lebanon in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion. There are many factors to this increase, one being the number of interactions between the wounded and doctors without personal protection equipment. Lebanese hospitals have been overwhelmed as 4 hospitals were damaged when the explosion struck Beirut’s port. In order to help Lebanon, please consider donating to the Lebanon Red Cross. If you prefer to donate through the Lebanon Red Cross app, you can find it in the app store and donate through there. The red cross is a reliable international Lebanon based organization.

Beirut’s port served as the country’s economic lifeline. Right now, Lebanon is experiencing its worst economic crisis in decades. Tens of thousands of people are experiencing poverty. Thousands are unemployed. Lebanese currency is collapsing which has led to inflation. Since October, the value of currency has fallen 80%. If you are to donate to organization, make sure that your money will not be converted from USD as the corrupt government will take the money and replace it with lebanese currency which is significantly less (10%).

Petitions do not work in Lebanon as their government does not care. Lebanon is also currently suffering a political crisis as corruption, political instability, infrastructure problems, regional unrest, and tension runs rampant in the country. People have taken to the streets to protest. However, their voices were not heard, and the government continued to do the opposite of what the protesters had asked.

Ways to help:

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