Today, December 10, 2020, Brandon Bernard has been executed for a crime he was involved in when he was 18 despite efforts and calls demanding President Trump to take action and stop this from happening. In 1990, Brandon Bernard was involved in a double homicide alongside Christopher Vialva. Vialva had planned the robbery and fired the gun. Bernard wasn’t even present for the abduction and was forced to light the car on fire with the bodies inside. At the time, the evidence was presented as one of the people in the car, Stacie Bagely, was alive. However, new evidence shows that she was “medically dead” and would have changed the decision to execute him.

Brandon Bernard is not the only one. Trump has executed 10 people this year which is a record high number that has never been seen in the 20th or 21st century.

I urge you all to speak out if something is wrong and unjust, like the execution of Bernard. Tweet out your thoughts to the president, sign the petitions, call your senators. You can make a difference.

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